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Host: Erich Möchel (AT)


Cindy Cohn, (USA)
Legal Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Cindy Cohn is the Legal Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She is responsible for overseeing the EFF's overall legal strategy. Ms. Cohn is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School. She did her undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa and the London School of Economics. For 10 years prior to joining the EFF, she was a civil litigator in private practice handling Internet-related cases, including domain name disputes, suits arising from unsolicited commercial e-mail (also known as SPAM), and challenges to government efforts to gather information from Internet Service Providers about their customers. Before starting private practice, she worked for a year at the United Nations Centre for Human Rights in Geneva Switzerland. Ms. Cohn also serves on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Human Rights Advocates.

Christiane Asschenfeldt, (USA)
European Coordinator Creative Commons
Christiane Asschenfeldt studied law at Heidelberg University, where she developed a particular interest in the phenomenon of the Knowledge Society. In 1994 she organized a 3-day-symposium with 600 participants for the "Heidelberger Club" entitled "Challenges of the Information Society." When she continued her Law Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin, she became Research Assistant to Professor Tomuschat, Chair of the International Law Department. Upon graduation in 1998 she obtained a scholarship from the Max Planck Institute in Munich to write a doctorate on "Copyright Limitations in the Digital Age." This allowed her to combine her passion for the Arts with her experience in International Law and her interest in the Information Society. In May of 2002, she was part of a team that helped the Ministry of Justice implement the European InfoSoc Directive into German Law. Christiane has held various teaching assignments and has published widely on copyright law.

Juliane Alton (AT), IG Freie Theater
Dramatics scientist, cultural manager and court expert for theatre and copyrights. At present general manager at the "IG Freie Theaterarbeit". Author of the book " Handbuch für Filmschaffende" (Verlag Buchkultur Wie, 1995)

Mark Terkessidis, (DE) "Institute for Studies in Visual Culture" (ISVC)
Born 1966, diploma in psychology, from 1992 to 1994 he worked the magazine "Spex". Contributions for "Spex", "tageszeitung", "Texte zur Kunst", "Freibeuter". Current publication: "Entsichert: Krieg als Massenkultur im 21. Jahrhundert" (2002) At present he is working on a study about "Das Wissen über Rassismus on der zweiten Migrantengeneration".


Host: Honor Harger (NZL), radioqualia
Honor Harger is from New Zealand, and based in London, UK. She is an artistic practitioner working with design, curation and art, and has a particular interest in artistic uses of new technologies. She is one of the co-founders of r a d i o q u a l I a . in London, UK, where she was the Webcasting Curator within Tate's Digital Programmes department. ill be shown in Cape Town, South Africa.


Konrad Becker (AT), Public Netbase
Is a hypermedia researcher/developer, interdisciplinary event and content designer. He is chairman of the Institute for New Culture Technologies, Director of Public Netbase/ t0, a Culture and Youth oriented Center for New Communication Technologies and founder of World-Information.Org, a cultural intelligence provider.

Alan Toner, (Ireland) Information Law Institute New York
Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1973. Studied law in Trinity College Dublin and NYU Law School where he is now a fellow in the Information Law Institute, with a special interest in the countervailing impact of peer processes and information enclosure on cultural production and social life. Member of the Autonomedia editorial collective where he is joint administrator of the discussion site and sometime translator of critical texts from Italian and French.

Milos Vojtechovsky, (CZ) Center for Contemporary Arts, Prague
Born 1955 in Prague. Studied Art History and Aesthetics at Charles University in Prague. Lives in Prague and Amsterdam. Initiator of the Center for Metamedia - Hermetical Shelter. Curator at the Center for Modern and Contemporary Art at the National Gallery in Prague.Teaches at the Faculty of Fine Arts Technical University Brno, curently working on production of an international project TROIA which deals with the subject "Technologies of Political Control":

Zeljko Blace (HR), Multimedia Institute - Zagreb
Zeljko Blace (1976) - lives in Zagreb. Active in Croatia's new media culture scene since 1996, originally as web designer, artist and journalist -- and now moved into the roles of organizer, researcher and curatoror . Works(/ed) in the following NGOs: LABinary, radioActive and Multimedia Institute (mostly as program/project co-ordinator). Contributor for cultural programs of the national radio and TV ("Transfer" and "Triptih"). Occasionally publishing in IT magazines, and more regulary in the cultural magazine Zarez and on radioActive and webportals. Actively promotes non-profit net projects and is working on strengthening the impact of NGO sector on Croatian netspace (both in terms of infrastructure and legislation). Exhibited as visual artist and performed as VJ with Croatian electro-acoustic-glitch duo Jeanne Fremaux. Participated as speaker/presenter at several international events (including Ars Electronica Festival, Net Congestion, Next 5 Minutes, PingInProgress, Money Nations II...). Since 2000 works actively as a networker for international associations and has been (co-)organizing international events in Croatia: ArtServersUnlimited 2 (Labin, Sept2001), "Critical Upgrade!" (Zagreb, May2002) and Next5Minutes - tactical media events (Dubrovnik, May2003 and Vis, August2003). Initiated Croatian "media-art-hr" and regional "nettime-see" mailing lists. Recently started "", a co-ordination platform of regional media labs/centers, groups and individuals with mission to present new media culture and production in the South-East Europe.

Eugen Babau-Iladi, (CZ), Transitions Online
Eugen Babau-Iladi spent several years with the media programs of the Soros Foundation working on supporting and improving independent media organizations in Central and Eastern Europe while at the same time acting as a stringer for various media organizations including the Associated Press. Eugen completed his studies in journalism and public relations at California State University, Chico and reported for financial news agency Bridge News. He has also served as a PR Manager for the advertising agency BBDO, and most recently worked in a public relations agency in San Francisco representing major technology public companies. He joined TOL in the summer of 2002 as deputy director. Eugen is concentrating on improving TOL's plans for self-sustainability, especially as a model for other public service media in the region. TOL is an independent, non-profit media development organization dedicated to using Internet technologies to help strengthen the professionalism, independence, and impact of the media in post-communist Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union. Based in Prague and with branch offices in Moscow, Sarajevo, and London, TOL produces timely, original news and analysis, covering all 28 countries in the post-communist region through its network of local journalists and editors.

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