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FreakNet MediaLab

FreakNet MediaLab is a free lab open to all the people that need to use a computer but don't have money to buy it. The idea of such a lab come in my mind after reading the book "hackers" by Steven Levy. It's a network of old and "obsolete" personal computers, all born to a new life using GNU-Linux operating system and software, and connected together in a network. All users can have a free email account and a unix shell to work, using tools of graphical editing, mathematic, wordprocessors, printing, and any user on the network can connect to the internet, at the only cost of the phone call (about 3000 Italian Lira per 1 hour, that is the only cost we have to offer this service :) Emails are hosted by some friends on the network because we don't have enough money to have a full internet connection: we only connect on-demand using a 33.600 bps modem. We also have a nice collection of old computers, full working and usable : a DIGITAL DEC PDP-11/34, an NCR Tower650 with Unix System V, manuals, documentations and other weird things. Actually, we have about 180 users and this number is growing. Access to all our resources at the lab is totally free. We are also working in a sort of sensibilization about free software in the italian school, trying to support the GNU Free Software - Open Source Software, very economic, instead of micro$oft product, very expensive for the school system an very poor in terms of studying.