FRO live im Internet

Latest News: All links are up and running again :)

Try out the new quality of internet-radio!

go and get a streaming capable mp3-player and listen to Radio FRO
(probably all of the known mp3-players are able to play streams!

You don't know where to get such a player ? Follow this link and enjoy :)

64k - stream now in Stereo. Sounds like a professional Radio station ;) isn't it ?

Radio FRO - live @ 24kb/s

inside VBS - live @ 24kb/s

Radio FRO - live @ 64kb/s.

inside VBS - live @ 64kb/s

The links above didn't work for you ?
Ok, let's go the direct way:

  • Open your favourite streaming capable mpeg-player
  • click on file -> play location
  • type in: or

  • WinAmp: Ctrl+L and the same as above.

many thanx to Silverserver. these folks offer an additional way for listening to radio FRO:

there is a 24kb-stream on

since monday, 5th of february 2001, the 64k-stream is also available for our friends in vienna.

If you have troubles listening to the broadcasts of Radio FRO, dont hesitate and contact , the maintainer of the streams.